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8 Tips on how to grow as a bigger person.

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I believe everyone wants to become a better and bigger person. But some of us forget or just don’t know how to do that because of our daily routines. To do that all you have to do is learn how to do it. Best way to learn is either by get taught directly in person, or by reading. As you are on the internet right now, the second option will be provided to you. So please read these 8 tips on how to become a bigger person and try to apply them in your own time. I believe that by doing these little steps we can all become bigger and brighter individuals and also as human race as a whole.

So let’s get started:

1. Make lists. Making lists is an amazing tip that everyone should incorporate into their daily lives. Living in fast paced world and being surrounded by technology everyday, we are getting exposed to many different sources of information. During a day we receive so many things that we end up forgetting them at the end of the day. That is where lists come in handy. All you have to do is take a piece of paper and a pen and write down important things. This way you would make your mind go through that piece of information, process ir and by writing it down you would have it safely placed for further action. Just don’t forget to read the notes afterwards and act on them!

2. Create habits. Habits are these magical things that drives us through the day. Most of the time we do not think about doing the thing we are doing. It is because of the habits. We get so used to do something that later on we can do it so good, that we don’t even have to think about it! Try developing as many good habits as you can, in order to become a super human! Scientists says that all you need to do is to repeat the action for 21 days straight until it becomes a habit. Why not to try and get some useful habits for yourself, such as reading, exercising or learning a new language? 

3. Take breaks. If you are reading this, chances are that you are a human being, that meaning you are a biological organism who has a limited amount of resources and energy. You cannot do something for a very long time, as your body becomes irritated and overworked. That is why you should take breaks. Breaks might be a longer term such as taking a week of your exercising routine so your body would heal up and restore it’s muscle tissue, or a shorter break such as 10 minute walk every hour spent working with computer. Breaks are really helpful as they give us some time to refresh ourselves from the activity that we were doing and comeback to it with new ideas and perspectives. Take breaks regularly!

4. Try something new. This one is really important. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us humans to try new things. We only have one chance on this planet earth, so why would we spend it doing the same stuff over and over again? Try to open up your mind and do new thing that you’ve never done before at least once a week. This will make you view the world from a different perspective and it could also change your personality for better. By doing new things we learn about the world around us. A simple example would be: saying hi to the person you always see at work that you have never spoken with, or listening to completely new genre of music and trying to understand why people like it. These experiences really helps us to grow into more tolerant, confident and brighter person.

5. Take risks. This one can be closely related to tip number 4. It might be a challenge for you to say hi to that girl or a boy you like, but it is worth the shot. You never know what could happen if you would overcome that fear and take that risk. Taking risks should not be harmful and you should always know your mental and physical limits. Always evaluate situation and think what’s the worst could happen. If the worst case scenario is a tiny thing that won’t matter a few days latter, you should take that risk!

6. Practise a skill. Everyone has one or a few interests in life. You should constantly practise some sort of a skill or a skill set to keep yourself constantly mentally and physically active. Having an interest and a skill in something makes it easier for you to find and connect with like minded people. Being surrounded by people with similar skills and interests motives us and gives us a sense of appreciation. Practise of a skills for long enough makes you a master of a kind and broadens up your networks, so keep it up!

7. Collaborate. Going through life is not easy. We might get lost along the way or hit the wall with our problems that we are trying to solve. The collaboration helps us to solve this! Being surrounded by other people and working with them makes us more motivated and excited. Also do not try to do everything on your own, try to find people with different skills and talents to collaborate with you so you could learn from them. That way it would be easier and more fun to achieve bigger goals and grow as a person!

8. Break the rules. Most of the rules were created to make us behave like one robotic army. If everyone would follow the rules the life would be dull and you wouldn’t have many entertaining and incredible stuff, such as The microwave guys. I do not recommend you breaking any of the laws or doing something that would harm or damage in any shape or form others or yourself. But breaking a rule does give you that little adrenaline rush, which keeps us alive. Break the rules which challenge standarts, get creative, mix skills and the way things are done. That is the only way to move forward and have an exciting life.

9. Do more than it is expected from you. Do more with no expectations of anything in return. Put in more of yourself in everything you do and you would be surprised how much more you will get back. It’s all about creating legacy and positive influence and not just about quick money or fake happiness. By doing more you will get out more and grow a bigger, brighter and better person

These were 9 tips on how to improve your daily lives and help you to grow as an amazing person. Reading these is one thing, applying them is another. Only by applying them and keeping up with them for a while you will notice the difference. So give it a shot and let me know how it went!

Thanks for reading!

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