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Always think Win-Win.

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New week – new article! I’m continuing onto the writing marathon about the habits of highly effective people based on the book by Stephen Covey. So far I have covered three habits which can be found here:

  1. Be proactive.
  2. Begin with the end in mind.
  3. Put the first things first.

Today I would like to discuss the fourth habit from the book which says: “Think Win-Win”.

Being effective in life means that you control all of the areas of your life including the outer circle. The first three habits were very inner-personal and talked about being the best person you can be within yourself by thinking ahead, having a set of values and prioritising the important things. Now to be really effective you will have to interact with the outer world and no matter how well you have mastered your inner-self you have to learn how to deal with other people. This is where the fourth habit of the book comes in play.

Interaction with other people and especially when you are trying to make a deal is when we should be using win-win mentality. By saying win-win I mean that we must find a common ground for both sides of the participating party in order to create a long lasting relationship. These relationships can be various, including business deals and partnerships, family and friends, coworker or classmates interaction. To be highly effective in the long term we should always make decisions that satisfy all of the people participating in the event.

To fully understand Win-Win situation we can explore other types of situations. As you might think there are situations such as Win-Lose or Lose-Win where one or the other side has the benefit while the other puts themselves down to meet the requirements of the other side. All of these situations will lead to a Lose-Lose situation in the long term, so always ask yourself before you make important decisions: “Is this is a Win-Win?”

An example of a Lose-Win scenario:

I am working on a project where I’m in a need of consultancy services. The specialist in his field usually charges £100 for this kind of a job but I offer him £75. Consultant accepts the offer as he doesn’t have many clients at the time, but he feels that I’ve underpaid him. This might sound like a Win situation for me, but if another client shows up and offers the consultant £100 he would drop my project straight away and proceed to the one that pays him the regular amount. From what I thought would be a Win situation for me it would all end up as the Lose-Win situation.



The book also talks about having a mentality of a Win-Win or no Deal. I really like this idea and believe that we should always have this in mind. If you cannot make the situation Win-Win, don’t make any deal at all and give it more time to think about the solution.

The idea of Win-Win is just another way of saying that you should be to others as you would have them to be for you.Sadly not everyone is living by this mentality. In my opinion, if everyone would live using this paradigm planet earth would be a much better place to live. Remember to stay awake and do what’s right, don’t flow with the flow and use your deep inner core values when dealing with hard situations. Even though there is a lot of bullshit happening around us every day, we can start within ourselves and be the change we want to see in the world.

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