Do you just love doing nothing?

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If you have read my previous articles you should now be familiar with all the basic techniques on active and productive lifestyle. These include the art of planning and getting into action. Well, it might sound easy to get up and do … Continued

It all begins with an action.

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In my previous posts, I gave you some ideas on why people are tired and a little hint on how to make your life more meaningful by implementing the art of planning. If you have not read those feel free … Continued

Tired of being tired?

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Do you feel tired all the time? Do you start to feel tired of being tired? Do You want to become more active but don’t know how? You came to the right place, let us help you. Read this short article and … Continued


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Hi, Welcome to productive mind blog. Here you will find helpful tips on happier life. We have dedicated our time and efforts to share the knowledge for free on how to become productive, happy and successful. We believe that there are … Continued