Reading books expands your knowledge

Benefits of reading books

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If you would’ve told me that I will be recommending people to read books a few years ago, I would’ve called you silly. That’s right, I did not like reading until recently. To be precise, the end of 2015. Until then I did not enjoy reading whatsoever, as it seemed boring and a huge waste of time. I have not read books in school, college or even my time at uni. I thought that I was smart enough and that I don’t need no books. That was thinking of the older version of me. Now that I know the benefits of reading I read at least 2 books a month, and I have started to enjoy reading a lot! It is a great gift that a lot of us have and we should not put it to waste.

The reason why I got into reading in the first place, were my long commutes to work. That might not be the case for you, but even though I have stopped commuting I still continue to read. I spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. That is because I have learned so many things and I want to learn even more! The benefits of reading are incredible, and so here is a list of 6 things why you may want to consider to pick up a book and start reading today.

Expands your vocabulary

The more you read the more words you are exposed to. The more words you know the more of them will make their way into your daily vocabulary. People who are well-spoken tend to have higher self-esteem as they know they can speak to higher-ups. As you gain more vocabulary you become well-read, well-spoken and more knowledgeable and those things might help in social situations or even get a promotion at work.

Improves your skills and knowledge

Whenever you are reading a non-fiction book on a specific skill you are not just expanding the vocabulary, but actually learning a skill at the same time. First, you read it, then you can apply it in practice.

Improves your mental abilities

When reading you are constantly improving your mental abilities. You are interested in a book and the action that is happening there. By being focused on the book to stretch your ability to concentrate in general and you will become more focused on anything else that you might do in life. When you are reading a novel you need to remember all of the characters and what they are up to. By doing that you are training your memory. Also when reading you are exposed to new ideas all the time that might not be familiar to you, so you stop for a second and analyse what’s been said in the book, that way you are improving your analytical thinking.

Improves your discipline

Reading requires more willpower than let’s say watching TV. It is a harder mental activity as you have to read words, process and understand the ideas. So by reading you are improving your discipline. And if you schedule your time for reading, that is an even greater exercise that could be applied to other areas of your life.

Helps to relieve stress and calm down

Watching TV where’s the action is loud and most of the times violent is not the best way to relax. On the other hand reading a book is a proven way to calm down and relieve stress. Once you start reading you emerge yourself into the book and your whole body becomes relaxed. There have been many scientifical types of research behind this and it is proven that your stress levels become lower.

Gives you a glimpse at other worlds and inspires

Both fictional and non-fictional books provide you with some sort of new experiences. Let it be flying dragons or a guide on how to write a computer code. Both of those will open up your mind to new knowledge and ideas that might inspire you to do something. The more you know the more doors open up in front of you.

Once you start reading, the only way is forward, so why don’t you share you reading experiences with me in the comments below as it might inspire someone to grab a book.