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Do you find yourself in this mental state of wanting to do things but can’t get yourself to do anything? Well, I know I have been there many times. I would always look myself in the mirror wanting to do something, but couldn’t get up and do it. It took me a long time to realise why it was that way.  The answer to this is quite simple: it was lack of motivation.

After a bit of research  I’ve found a way to help myself. To get motivated you need to constantly remind yourself of your goals or actions you want to take. This is where I came up with this little hack.

I present DO MORE – motivational clothing, just for you! 

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As I mentioned before – best way to get things done is to remind yourself about them. While developing this hack I came to realisation that the best way to remind yourself to do things is to see them written down. And what’s the best place to write things down? A place where you would see them! Middle of the chest looked like an amazing place to put this reminder.

Keeping that in mind, it is important to remember that it is you and only you who is responsible of doing things for yourself. And if you want to get something from life, you should go and do it yourself. Although words “DO MORE” might sound very general, you should always link those to your particular goal in mind and do more in order to achieve it! “For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.” By doing more you will get more in the outcome!


Design of the clothes is fairly simple. It is created just for you. By that I mean stylish text saying “Do more” is printed inverted on the chest of the piece of clothing. This truly shows that clothing is made just for you. You would read the text right every time you would see your reflection in the mirror or a window! This will truly kick your ass and make you do stuff as you would see your face and a motivational quote at the same time!

Currently only available in black. This colour will keep you stylish and won’t get dirty while you get to business of doing the things you need to be doing.

To start your journey of doing more choose one of the clothes suits you the best:

Do more mens motivational t-shirt black
Do more mens motivational t-shirt black
Do more unisex motivational sweatshirt black
Do more unisex motivational sweatshirt black
Do more womens motivational t-shirt black
Do more womens motivational t-shirt black

Do more with less!