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Fail to plan – plan to fail: Life goals.

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I often see people being sad with no particular reason. Most of the time if I asked them what’s wrong, they would spit back to me: “I’m bored”. Don’t get me wrong there might be true sad moments in life, but there is no point to stay sad over them. The sadness that first world people face is mostly linked to inactivity or boredom.

Boredom brings up tiredness thus it puts us in this sad and tired state, which is no good for us humans. Imagine if everyone, since the beginning of time, would have stayed in that state?

I believe none of the things you have in life would exist, imagine if Charles Babbage would’ve been sad, tired and lazy all the time – he would not have invented primitive computing machine which evolved through years and is now known as a personal computer. Imagine that none of our stuff would exist just because people were bored. But they weren’t. We have amazing inventions, things and technology developed through years to help us in our daily lives. All of the things are built to make our lives easier and more productive, but yet a lot of us Feel tired, bored and have no motivation. Ever wondered why? Well there is an answer to this: People don’t think.

By stating people don’t think I mean that most of us don’t think enough in the long term. Us humans are very good in thinking short term and therefor we want to have everything now, and by not getting it now we put ourselves into the state of tiredness and loss of motivation. We tend to want something but we usually forget that life is slow paced and we should work hard for a long time in order to achieve or get desired outcome.

Lets take a step back and use this simple story as an example:

Nick and his friend Dan were both university graduates who just started their first jobs in the industry. They both thought that university life was hard and they were happy to finally graduate and enter “the real world”. They both had ambitions of earning some money and buying  themselves beautiful homes, a decent car and spend a at least a month on holidays abroad every year. Even though they have just started their jobs and had very similar desires, their lifestyles really started to differ in the first couple of months. While Nick was enjoying the freedom and parties of being newly employed adult with all the money that he got, Dan has had spent some time reading on about self development and decided to think about what is going to happen next. They both had money, they both had freedom but what they will do with that all is what matters. Dan kept reminding himself of his goals of buying a house and a car and he would save up and invest some money from every pay check he would get, while Nick was enjoying and partying now while he eventually forgot about the goal he once had when he graduated.
Months and years went by. Both guys were working hard but the difference between them was that one had a plan that if he would save up x amount of money he could still enjoy himself and save up for his desired goal of a house while the other had forgotten what he really wanted and now was feeling miserable and exhausted because of all the parties he had in the past years.
More time has passed and it came to the day where Dan made his first deposit towards his dream house. Thats when Nick became frustrated and thought that life isn’t fair as both of them worked really hard but now Dan owns the house while Nick doesn’t. Two of them got together and had a chat, where Dan explained to his friend that all these years day in and day out he thought about the house and kept saving some money for it therefore he has it now.

Both guys were hard working, but the key difference between them was planning and goal setting. As the title of this post says Failing to plan leads to Planning to fail. If you do not plan and don’t remind yourself of your goals often enough you set yourself to a failure. This also points us to another issue that many people might have: They don’t have a goal so they simply don’t have what to plan about!

Having a goal is important. If we want to try to get deeper and think about our purpose on earth, we would all quickly get lost as it is quite hard for us to come up with our purpose and main goal on planet earth. This being said we shall create our own goals. You and only you can control your journey on earth, so might aswell enjoy it. You can enjoy it more by setting goals and exceeding your goals. The best feeling in the world is when you achieve something that you thought was hard or even impossible to do! That is what goals are all about.

Now lets explore about how to actually make a goal and what should your goals be about.

Well as we are very different as humans, our goals will be different too. Some of us will want to be healthy, some will want to be rich, others to travel the world and be loved. No matter what goal you have you should always apply the same technique. Take pen and paper and write down this breakdown of a goal:

  1. First you need to figure out what is it that you want, your goal. (e.g six pack on abs);
  2. Why you want it and how bad you want. (I want to look nice when sunbathing in the summer );
  3. Think whether it is long term goal or a short term goal. (I’m a not that overweight, it’ll take me couple of months – short term);
  4. Keep your goals insight. Look at it everyday. (Sticky note on my computer desk, alarm clock on my phone);
  5. Do one thing that would get you closer to your goal. (Every morning I would do some sit-ups after I wake up);

By having this list and your goal written down or even telling a friend will make you more motivated to reach it, and it is only up to you whether you stay truth to yourself and keep doing that one little thing to reach it. The example I’ve given was for a short term goal which are always easier to start with. Always remember to break down long term goals into smaller short term goals and try to complete them one at the time, that way you will be only completing small goals but in the long term it will add up to a bigger picture.

Key takeaways to remember:

  • Always have a goal.
  • Keep that goal in mind.
  • No plan = plan to fail
  • Write down steps needed to reach it.
  • Do one little thing everyday towards your goal.