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This small hack can improve your life quality by 110%

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Life is one huge repetitive puzzle. Every day we get up in the morning and get out there to do something. We have our morning and daily routines that we go through every single day. And probably we will continue so until the end of our time. So why not to get more out of it? Why not make our routines more productive and make them more beneficial for us in the long term?

Firstly let’s back up and get to understand the word routine. Routine is a sequence of actions that one proceeds to do throughout a finite period of time. That’s where daily or morning routine saying comes up from. Morning or day meaning a finite time.
Routines we do are usually done unconsciously and we don’t really notice how do we actually go through our morning. That is because we are not thinking about it. All of the actions are done automatically by our unconscious selves because we are used to doing those actions. The key to getting more from life is to master these routines. As I mentioned before life – is one huge routine itself…

How to benefit from boring and repetitive routines?

If you think about your daily life, you will find many routines that you do every day. Sometimes they might differ a bit, but overall it all stays the same. In my opinion, we can all benefit from this by just making small changes to our actions. Let’s take my day as an example: Every morning I wake up, take a shower, dress myself up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and leave for work. I believe a lot of people can relate to this. Most of my mornings are always the same and plain boring. The routine is staying the same day in and day out, so what if I would add something to it to make it more useful? Imagine adding a short exercise to your morning ritual. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day would make a huge change to your physique in a month!

Once my morning is finished I leave my house and spend about an hour commuting to my workplace. An hour one way. That is two hours a day spend on a train. 2 hours x 5 days a week x 4 weeks a month = 40 hours. I spent 40 hours a month on a train, which is a part of my daily routine. Now it is up to me what do I with those hours. I can spend them sleeping, playing games on my phone or listening to music, right? But what if you chose to read instead? Read a non-fictional book which would actually teach you something. Remember 40 hours a month? That is roughly 2 books  every month, and in a year that adds up to 24 books! Imagine all the knowledge and benefits you can get, from just changing one little thing in your routine.

Few other examples of changing routines for better can include: walking instead of taking a bus for a short distance, changing your daily foods to a more greener and healthier options, trying out new little things that you’ve always avoided. Walking through a new street instead of taking the usual route, reading instead of watching youtube, listening to self-development talks or podcasts instead of listening to music.

Everyone has very specific routines to them so everyone would have to adjust differently. The key is to take action and make small changes in your routines, that way you will grow a bigger person and experience much more  in your lifetime.

I would be very pleased to hear some of your daily routines so please leave a comment below and have a discussion with other lovely people.

Thanks for reading!