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How to become more positive person

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Positivity is the frequent experience of good emotions. Some of these are inspiration, pride, love, gratitude, hope and joy. People who live by these emotions tend to be happier with their lives and it seems that their journey is much better and easier than others. That is because positivity is not just emotions or smile on your face, but it also an ideology that teaches us a different way of living. By becoming positive we can learn to have a bigger, better and more beautiful perspective on things which surround us every day. So if you are interested in learning ways of positivity, here is a little list that might help you to get there.


One thing that you will definitely notice in a positive person is a smile on their face. Smiling makes us and other people around us happier. Try smiling even if you are not feeling like doing so. That is because our mind does not care whether a smile is real or you had to force it. It does not understand a difference, therefore it thinks that if there’s a smile on your face you are happy and indeed – you become happy! Happiness is closely related to positivity meaning that by staying happy you become more positive.


Be grateful for all that you have. Be grateful for all the small and big things that happen to you. Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions out there. When you are thankful for everything that happens, you automatically become more positive as you are dealing with life in a positive way. Even though you might have some hard times to go through, stop for a moment and think what are you thankful for at that moment.

Positive start of the day

Morning is the most important part of the day. So if you start your morning in a positive manner you can almost guarantee that the rest of the day will follow it. I have written a separate blog post on why mornings are the most important part of the day and how you can improve yours. If you’re interested in learning more about it check out the article here.

Slowing down

Probably most important key in this list. You need to slow down with your daily life to see positive things around you. We need to slow down to become more aware of the things happening around us and really appreciate what we have. Slowing down can mean a simple thing such as stopping for a moment and appreciating the area that you live, or enjoying the food that you eat instead of shoving it down your throat.

Listening and observing

Once you’ve learned how to slow down, you will find that you will be able to hear other people. We must learn how to listen in order to understand more about other people. Misunderstanding is one of the most common causes of arguments therefore cause of negativity. Instead of rushing and speaking over people, try to listen to them, you will be surprised how many beutiful things you will notice about that person.

Don’t complain

Whatever you complain about you will get more of it. People who tend to complain seem to be complaining all the time. If you don’t like something, take action and fix it. If it’s not fixable at the moment give it some time and it will sort out itself, but don’t complain. Complaining only brings bad emotions and negativity to your and other’s life so avoid complaining at any cots.


This again gets us back to slowing down part. When you’re calm and slow you are able to focus on truly important things in life, instead of losing yourself in silly stuff. Refocusing also means that you should set goals, check in on them from time to time, so you would know where you’re at in your life. Having a goal and trying to reach it in a way filled with joy and positivity is the most amazing feeling ever. Also if you’re just beginning your journey in positive life you should try to identify and remove negative habits and people from your surroundings. They have a huge impact on us, so by removing them you will be able to see more positive things around you. To be able to refocus often enough you should be quite self aware.

There are so much more than this to become positive a person. However if you would incorporate even these few steps into your daily life they would definitely help you to live a positive life.