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How to Build a Productive Mindset

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I’ve been writing this blog for around 8 months now and I have come to a realisation that I have never given concrete tips on the productivity itself. I would always talk about how to become a better version of yourself, which indeed contributes to being productive, but today I want to share my tips on how to actually grow and build a more productive mindset. This article is based on my experiences and it continues iterations of trying out new things. You should have it in mind that everyone is different and you should find your own ways that work the best in your current situation.

builders outside making noise
Builders outside my window making noise.

It was 9 a.m. at that moment when I started writing this article. As soon as I had typed the first sentence, I heard a loud noise outside. To my surprise I found builders hitting their metal hammers at the concrete. Trust me, that is not the most pleasant sound to hear when you want to work on something that requires your full focus. I found a way to deal with this because I am in a right mindset. I know what I want to do and no matter what I will do it. I am only saying this now, 10 months after I started developing myself. Beforehand I would have probably just gone off to a different room and watched telly because “there is no way I could work in such a loud environment”. I am a different person now.

Therefore I would love to share some of the tips and techniques that have helped me to evolve my mindset for the good and become who I am today. As I’ve mentioned before those are the things I’ve picked up from various sources and adapted them to work for me. Even though I am constantly looking for new ways to become more productive, here is a list of things I do daily to keep my spirit up and stay productive:

Read inspiring content. In the past year, I’ve got into reading a lot and I am really grateful for that. Books are an amazing source of inspiration and can really motivate you. In my opinion, you need to be happy and motivated to be productive at first, because later on the productivity will become a second nature to you. Reading books will open your mind to new ideas and if you get inspired enough it can lead you to do something about it, therefore you will begin to work on something. I have written a separate article about why reading books is an important part of a productive mind. You can read it here.

Read online material. You need to find the right material first. As you are reading this here in this blog, it means you are onto something. Reading self-development blogs, forums, Reddit boards and other useful material can not only inspire you but teach you specific tactics on how to be more productive. There is a quote by Abraham Lincoln: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” In this context, meaning that by teaching yourself productivity you can help yourself to be productive.

Listen to podcasts. This method is very similar to the two above, however, it is very practical to do it on the go. I incorporate podcasts whenever I’m jogging or travelling. Same as with online material you have to find the right podcasts that fit your values. My favourite ones are about self-development, business development, healthy living and eating. By listening to podcasts you are already spending time productively which otherwise, would be wasted.

Create routines. I believe this technique has had the biggest impact on my productivity levels over the past 10 months. Ever since I have started to build routines for myself, my productivity levels have risen 10x! Having a routine in place is a very good thing as it takes away a lot of stress and frustration from your daily life. A year ago I was a huge mess and I would literally waste my time watching cat videos on youtube 24/7. That was not because I did not want to achieve great things, it was because I did not plan my days at all. I would be controlled by whatever the day will give to me and just float about. Now that I have created myself strict routine, I know that at 8am on Friday I will be jogging, then writing a new article and doing other things. I make a list of things I want to do daily and proceed through the day completing that list. Creating lists became one of my routines, which also leads us to another point.

Write things down. You cannot create lists in your mind, as you will simply forget it. Humans’ short term memory is only capable of holding very few things at a time, and while we have hundreds of events happening to us daily, we will forget most of the things. This is where writing things down come in handy. Once you’ve got an idea or a plan, write it down and read it later on so you can act on it. I always write my daily plans on paper using a pen. It might sound old-school but it does help me to focus more. I only use my smartphone if I’m on a go and crazy idea has popped into my head. However, technology and smart gadgets can be very useful in the next technique that I recommend.

Track activities. When we track something we become more aware of how much time we spend and what are the results of the activity we are doing. How can you measure whether you’ve been productive or not? You need to track your progress. Depending on your goals, this would be a different thing but the most important thing for me is my time. I track my time and measure productivity against it. I’ve found a technique called Pomodoro technique. This method uses a timer to break down work into intervals of time, usually 25 minutes. What you do is set up a timer on an app or a website, and spend the next 25 minutes working uninterrupted. Once the time is up you take a 5-minute break and get back to work for another 25minutes. Every four cycles you can have a 15-minute break.  If I can do at least 6 of those cycles in a day, I count my day as productive.

Just get down to it. None of these techniques will work if you don’t put any action into them. You need to find a strong reason why do you want to become more productive and just do it. Once you have the strong why your productivity levels will skyrocket.

There you have it folks. Those are the tips and tricks that I use daily to keep my mindset productive. It always all comes down to you – you only have one life and it is up to you what you will do with it. I chose to live a productive one and build great things.

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