Begin with the end in mind

How to live to the fullest? Begin with the end in mind.

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We are all going to die.

If that isn’t motivating enough, there is no other bigger motivator in the world. We are all going to die and we’ve only got one life to experience. We have one chance to reach the heights, get things and relationships we want to. That is why I would like to talk about this amazing paradigm and motivational tool.

This might sound a little bit creepy, but try to imagine yourself in a funeral. This funeral is not an ordinary one. It’s the funeral of yours. You see yourself in a coffin and you can see people you know surrounding it. What would you like to hear from them? What sort of words would describe you?; “a great partner?”, “an amazing neighbour?”, “a loving family member?”. Once you imagine those people standing there and describing you, you might be thinking am I really the person that I would like to be remembered as? That is the purpose of today’s article. I would like to dive deeper into this mentality of having an end goal in mind in order to live your life to the fullest.

Once you define the things you would like to hear from the people surrounding your coffin, you could do a check up if you are actually working on the plan that would lead you to the desired outcome. If you don’t, it might be a good chance to get back to one of my previous articles where I explain the importance of having goals. Once you’ve your goals it is easier for you to follow the plan and actually achieve something as you are constantly focusing on the goals.

As an example of this, I would like to propose a quick experiment. For the next minute or so try to look around your room and remember all the things which are red. Once you’ve got a few items in your mind close your eyes and try to recall the things that have a green colour in it. I know I said to look for red before, but try recalling green objects without looking around the room again. It might be a hard task as you were focused on the red objects instead of the green ones. This experiment shows us the importance of focus. What we focus on, we can recall much easier. If we would like to link this experiment with the funeral example we can say that keeping those words in mind, such as “being a great family member”, will make us focus on those words and might even influence us to become what we have focused on!

The experiment shows us an example of how our mind works. Firstly we have to focus on something in order to recall it or create it. We always think about something first and then go out to do it. Even the simplest tasks require us to think and visualise things first. E.g “I want to have some lunch” would make you start thinking about food and types of meals we could have, maybe even visualise physical objects in our mind. We think/visualise first, then act.

So far all of the examples were very simple and most of us will simply find ourselves doing them every day. I am writing all this because we can use this in order to live a better life. We have to think about the end goal, visualise it in our mind first, and only then we can start acting on it.

The physical creation follows the mental creation.

So let’s get back to the example of being a great family member. You would have to define, analyse and understand this end goal. In order to become a great family member, should define the values which are needed in order to become one. I have combined a list of various core values which can be found here. Once you have the values and guides to follow, you would become more focused on those, as you became focused on the red objects in the experiment stated above. And that is great! This lets us to “program” ourselves with the values to focus on and helps to actually achieve them.

By defining values and goals in life we set ourselves a guidance, a path to follow. However, this can work both ways. If you don’t have a clear path, or values to follow you would become reactive to the things that happen to you. The previous article on proactivity explains what I meant by saying that (you can read it here).

To sum this all up I can only say that you are in control of your outcomes, you are the creator of your life, and you are responsible for navigating the path which would lead you to a fulfilled and abundant life. Define the values, plan your goals and focus on them day in and day out to become the best version of yourself.

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