Kids playing around, getting influenced by each other.


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Every day our mind is bombarded with thousands if not millions of messages which come from various sources such as advertising, people around us, TV, the internet and other. We might think that we are independent and in control of our choices, but this is not true. We are constantly influenced by things around us. We take all those messages unconsciously and build our perspective on the world. Don’t get scared by whit what you just read because this is not a bad thing. If we chose the right influences they can help us to accelerate our learning processes and help us to grow and become great people.

As I’ve mentioned before we are influenced by various things daily, but here is a list of three main categories that we get influenced by the most:

What goes in must come out.

This category is really broad and it is very closely linked with other categories. It means that whatever you put up in your mind will come out from you in one shape of form. If you chose to watch news where they show fear, criminal acts, terrorism etc, your mind will most likely associate with those emotions and it will produce fear. Whatever you feed your mind with it will nurture it and grow using that information. On the other hand, if you choose to feed your thoughts with positive, inspiring information you will become more positive and inspired to grow in a positive way.

Some of the things I incorporate into my lifestyle to be only influenced by positive ideas:

  • I do not watch any news nor read any newspapers. There is no value in participating in those activities for me. I chose to read self-development books or articles instead, which help me grow and learn more about myself. 
  • Instead of listening to radio or music during my commute, I listen to podcasts, which again inspire me and I can learn relevant things.

By choosing what I put into my head I automatically set up my outcome to be positive and productive instead of negative and fearful.


There is a saying: 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

And it is very true. Unconsciously we become very similar to those five people. So have a good look at your friends, co-workers or classmates that you spend the most of your time with. See if their values and attitude does not conflict with your future goals. If that’s the case you might want to change something. As everything, this has two sides of the coin. If you surround yourself with people who have bad habits such as constant negative mood or even have bad eating habits, there is a huge chance that eventually you will join them on those activities! However, if you spend most of your time with the people whom you admire and they are positive or just generally know what they are doing with their lives, you will get influenced by them and start to take similar actions! You will start to dress like them and even start talking in a similar way. This principle is deep in our genes, we learn by looking at what other people do and try to do it ourselves.

A little tip from my experience: If you cannot physically surround yourself with good and healthy sort of people, get a book or listen to a podcast made by them, that will still count!


The last one of the three biggest influences is the environment. Places you spend most of your time will start to become familiar and influential to you. If you would spend your time in a crack house all the time, most likely you would become one of them. The same principle also works in a positive way. If you spend your time in a business, art or any other your choice of environment you will most likely become influenced by that. I know I was. I’ve spent a year working in a tech startup in central London, and oh boy I started to behave like one of the people who work there. I changed my track suits to nice casual clothes, and my thinking was affected too. I started to think in terms of business and I’ve become more interested in the world out there. This would’ve never happened to me if I would’ve stayed in my small hometown in Lithuania. Keep this in mind, the environment does matter.

As you now know you are in control of most of the things that influence you. You can control them by simply making choices on what you feed our mind with. People we hang out with and the surroundings also have a huge influence on us. Remember that by becoming aware of these choices you can begin to build the future lifestyle you have always wanted.