A man standing on the stairs, ready to take action towards his goal.

It all begins with an action.

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In my previous posts, I gave you some ideas on why people are tired and a little hint on how to make your life more meaningful by implementing the art of planning. If you have not read those feel free to do so as they are useful pieces of information for a person who wants to get more from their lives.

Step one towards Bigger life is planning, step two is action. So if you’ve read previous posts you are on the right path. Now, to begin the change you need to actually act on it. By saying this I mean: You have to start doing something to achieve your goals.

Definition of word action – “the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. That being stated you have to have a plan or a goal set in mind to begin acting upon it. Why may you ask? Well, imagine a ship in the sea. If we turn on the engines and just let the ship go, without no direction or destination(plan or goal) it would most likely crash and sink. But if the ship has a clear plan and destination, captain and the crew in can act upon it accordingly and reach destination much more easily. That is what we need to do, first plan and prepare, then act.

You have done your planning and have set your goals, so what’s next?

Well next is preparation, which is one of the most important actions you can take towards reaching your goals. You need to educate yourself about your goal, and how to reach it. Read some books about people who have had similar goals as you have managed to reach them. Learn the mistakes and tips on how they’ve achieved it. There are many books and podcasts on any topic that you might think of. Read and listen them too, they can be great inspiration and help!

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals as you do. People are great inspiration but wrong people can be bad for you. There is this saying that you become like the 5 people who you usually hang around with, so keep in mind that and see if the people around you are putting you up and reaching something of their own or they are actually dragging you down. If you cannot surround yourself with incredible people physically, try to find an online community or join a meetup group where you could share experiences and learn new things which could help you on your journey. 

Do not expect fast results. Remember life is slow paced and the key to success is consistency. You need to start doing something and learn on the way. The more knowledge you have the greater things you can achieve. Start slowly, tackling one problem at a time and enjoy the time while doing it. For example:

One of my goals is to own a Tesla Model S, which is a fairly high priced car. I need a lot of things before I can have it. I don’t have money, nor the driving license to drive a car. What I decided to do is learn how to drive (focusing on one problem at a time) and while doing it I’m reading a lot of literature on how to build a business and earn money so that I could eventually buy it.

Always look at the problem with a positive attitude and find ways on how to solve it while keeping your spirit up. Try to make your actions interesting to yourself in some shape or form. If it’s not interesting for you – it won’t work. Even though goals can seem to be huge and hardly achievable, remember that everything is possible. If you would jus take a moment to look around yourself – all of the things we use were created by people such as you and me, you just need to put yourself to it and the possibilities are endless.

To sum this all up I would like to say that humans are one of the most intelligent species on planet earth and what we do with our intelligence is completely up to us. We can use it to laugh silly videos on youtube or we can put it up to work to achieve something great. To begin acting onto something great we have to educate yourselves first, and in the times that we’re living, the internet can help us on that. So what are you waiting, get your bum up and start reading!