Love of doing nothing.

Do you just love doing nothing?

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If you have read my previous articles you should now be familiar with all the basic techniques on active and productive lifestyle. These include the art of planning and getting into action. Well, it might sound easy to get up and do things, but sometimes even the greatest people feel like doing nothing. Do you find yourself in a state where you’d rather do nothing than something towards your goals? If yes, carry on reading.

Being productive and active doesn’t always come easy. Humans have a nature of holding onto negative thoughts and actions for much longer than they do with positive ones, so you have to push yourself harder towards doing good things rather than negative ones. For example: Studies by Dr. Roy Baumeister have shown that people tend to hold onto sad emotions for longer than happy emotions by completing an experiment. They observed people by giving them and taking away the same amount of money. What this shown that people who were taken away $50 felt sad for longer than people who were given $50 felt happy. This means that negative bias is much stronger in us humans and we have to fight it and learn how to keep positive bias up.

First let me explain what do I mean by saying “doing nothing“?

In most of the cases doing nothing is not literally doing nothing. You are always doing something, but I call nothing the actions that do not move you forwards. Best examples of doing nothing would be:

  • Browsing Facebook or other social media;
  • Watching non-educational videos on youtube;
  • Browsing meme sites;
  • Watching 5 seasons of your new favourite tv series in one go;
  • Reading news;
  • Watching TV;
  • Procrastinating;

After reading this list you may say that I’m talking bullshit. But if you think about how much time you spend doing these things every day and instead we would use that time to achieve something bigger, a lot of the things would be different. Imagine if everyone in the world would stop spending time doing those things and collaborate on something huge. Most likely we would be living on Mars already.

I’m not saying that you should not do these things at all, but if you spend more than an hour a day on those things combined, then I can tell you – you have a case of being in love with doing nothing.

Let’s explore, why do we love doing nothing so much?

The answer to this is fairly simple. Reason we spend so much time doing nothing – because it is easy. Doing nothing does not require you to put in any energy or take any risks. You can just simply turn off your mind and browse facebook for hours and hours without even noticing it. We get into that nothingness so much that we sometimes think that we are actually busy with it and ignore the more meaningful things in life.

As it does not require any particular skill or brain activity we tend to lose our ability to focus on tasks that require even the basic mental abilities. It is so much more easier to spend time watching TV show than reading a book. Because to read a book you need to focus and keep your brain stimulated to process and understand the things that you just read. The truth is – a lot of people chose the easy way as they want to feel safe and stick to the things they know. They simply don’t think, and do what everybody else around them is doing. That is why it is important to surround yourself with people who do stuff and actually kick your own ass to do more yourself.

Why should I listen to you and do something instead of nothing?

Well because I was just like you. I would do the easy stuff and chose to stay secure and stick to the things I know. I would spend hours and hours browsing youtube without thinking about anything. I just wanted to be entertained and didn’t care about anything else.
But some time has passed and I have realised that if I choose to do nothing someone who is doing something useful for themselves are growing bigger and stronger than me. In the time I spend in bed watching “How I Met Your Mother” for the 3rd time, someone out there actually went out and found love of their life. By just getting out of your couch and  doing more you can achieve all those great things that you spend your time watching someone else doing them. It might be hard at first but remember:

If you spend a day without learning anything – you are not staying in the same place in life. You are going down. Its because people who learn things go up the ladder and leave you behind.

And even though sometimes you might have low days, it is okay. Everyone has them. And you should appreciate them as much as you appreciate the days that you were happy or lucky. We need all of the different kind of days to gain deeper understanding of what is good and what is bad. So if you’re having a low day – have it, take things slowly and spend time relaxing. The most important thing is that you have to be aware of your mood and a day you’re having, and just let it go by. Key to success is consistency, so even if you take a day off and just watch tv, get back to your goals the day after and work twice as hard to reach them!

We have a very limited time on planet Earth, so why are we wasting it doing nothing when we could be doing more to become great?

It is time for you to break up with doing nothing.

It will be hard and it will be exhausting. But trust me – it is worth it. By doing more you get more. No matter what you want to do, you will get back the equal amount of what you put into. If you do nothing – you get nothing. If you put some work in – you get some reward.
So to give you an idea on how to get started and break up this habit of doing nothing I recommend you to set up yourself a goal and work towards it. Why is it important and how to do that you can read up here. It is much easier to stop doing nothing when you have plans. But to add to that I want you to remind you that life is slow, everything takes up a long periods of time and is exhausting. You need to start slowly. And if you fail or stop and feel like giving up, get back to the thing next day with more fire and knowledge so that you could prove yourself wrong and achieve great things.

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Have a great day and do more!