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Power of thought

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If you have been following this blog for a while you are most likely familiar with the articles I have presented to you. I have started this blog with various writings about healthy lifestyle and importance of action. I have also told you a way on how to hack yourself into being motivated and how to get better at doing things. Although those articles are helpful, none of them will work without applying the principle that I want to talk about today.

This principle is called the Power of thought.

That might sound hippy, spiritual or even religious to you at first. But I recommend you just reading this through, with an open mind and not linking yourself to any of those groups (well, you can if you want to!) But the power of thought is really one of the most important things that you need to understand in order to grow big and successful person.

Let’s begin by understanding the true meaning of a thought. Thought is a very abstract term, but it can be described as a process of thinking or an idea produced by action of thinking or sometimes as an idea which suddenly appeared in the mind.

We use our mind to think everyday, and produce millions of thoughts throughout our lifetime. We produce those thoughts in our mind. And they are all based on something. We cannot come up with an idea that we have never ever heard or seen before, as our mind only works a processing machine which first attracts and absorbs thoughts around us and then reproduces new ones. This leads us to a very important discovery: You become who you surround yourself with. If your mind gets surrounded by negative thoughts, you will absorb negative thoughts and then most likely you will start reproducing a negativity yourself. Knowing this, we can use this power to become anything we think about.

Let me explain this a little bit more. The power of thought is real. What you put in your mind affects what you produce, and if you chose to input positive thoughts and ideas, you will start to reproduce them too! This principle is called Law of Attraction. It is one of the great laws of universe and it cannot be denied. You most likely know other laws of universe such as Law of relativity or Law of gravity. Law of Attraction is also part of the group and it exists, even thought you might not have heard about it before. It says that negative thoughts and things attract negative thoughts and things, while positive ones attract positive! It is that simple!

Now you’ve got familiar with this idea, the only question left is: How can we apply it and get something out of it?

Well this is quite easy! You just have to constantly input positive thoughts  to your mind yourself and believe that as you input positive things, the outcomes will be positive too! It is very easy to forget about this in our daily lives. That is why I recommend you writing it down on a piece of paper so you would constantly remind yourself about positive impulses. These positive impulses can be a smile on your face, a good memory from the past, a knowledge learned that you believe that will benefit you in the future. Thoughts are the first step towards action, however positive action generates positive thoughts too, that is why if you try to stay surrounded by positivity, life is going to be so much better. No one likes to be in fear, anxiety or sadness. The only way to get over these emotions, is by simply making yourself think positive thoughts. It might be hard at the beginning, but the more you do it the easier it gets, trust me, me and other millions of people been through all of that, but once you master your thoughts, life is a much better place.

To finish up todays post I would like to say just one thing. Mind is an incredible tool that, if used correctly, can bring you all of the success you want to achieve. We are in control of our thoughts and actions. And only through training our minds and getting into habits of thinking positively we can enhance our lives and make the future even brighter.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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