The fuck it list

The Fuck It List

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Most of us have a bucket list of the things we would like to achieve in life. Some of those things might be quite scary such as sky-diving while other can be less extream such as writing a book. Bucket lists seem quite ambitious and very exciting most of the times. But let’s face it, these things require quite a lot of preparation and planning, and we only get to do them occasionally.

The fuck-it list is something that I’ve come across a few months ago. And no, it is not a list of people who you would like to have sex with. It is a list of the things that a person decides not to do. Think the opposite of the bucket list.

A fuck it list is a combination of the things and actions a person decides not to do on a daily basis to live a happier life. I know that things on your bucket list are incredible, and they make you happy once you do them, but I think that beeing happy every day is a much better approach to life. Living for the bucket list takes you away from the present moment as you’re only focused on the goal. Be more present, enjoy the journey and learn how to say no to certain things. This is where the fuck it list comes in play. Become more proactive and write it down. Stay true to yourself every day and take control of your daily life.

My fuck it list is as follows:

  • Staying up late for no reason, fuck it.
  • Not eating breakfast, fuck it.
  • Fuck feeling sad.
  • Fuck worrying about the money.
  • Fuck replying to the messages I don’t want to reply to.
  • Posting on the Instagram daily, fuck it.
  • Not exercising, fuck it.
  • Fuck eating meat.
  • Worrying about the small stuff, fuck it.
  • Feeling anxious about my life, fuck that.
  • Fuck underestimating myself.
  • Smoking cigarettes, fuck it.
  • Wearing matching socks, fuck it.
  • Spending 4 hours a day on facebook, fuck that shit.
  • Not caring about the family, fuck it.
  • Hanging around the wrong people, fuck it.
  • Fuck not reading books.
  • Dressing up “stylish”, fuck it.
  • Not practising what I preach, fuck it.

As you can see, the things on the fuck it lists aren’t that exciting or at all magical. They are just everyday things that I have decided not to do or not to care about. It really helps me to enjoy every day just a little bit more.