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Tired of being tired?

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Do you feel tired all the time? Do you start to feel tired of being tired? Do You want to become more active but don’t know how?

You came to the right place, let us help you. Read this short article and help yourself to feel motivated again.
But first let’s get to know what does it exactly mean to be tired.

Tiredness –  also referred as fatigue, exhaustion or lethargy. Is a physical or mental state when a person does not have enough energy, mental or physical, to accomplish/start something desired. Although mental and physical tiredness are different, most of the time they both happen together. Tiredness humans experience is mostly a byproduct of inactivity or too intense activity that drains person’s resources.

How does one become tired?

As we learned earlier tiredness can be different (mental or physical) but most of the times it appears for very similar reasons. Our bodies usually don’t know the difference between real physical or emotional influences.
Here is a list of things that most likely makes you tired. The more of these you can relate to the more likely you feel tired:

Bad diet

What you put into your body is really important in your overall health and mental state. It also plays huge role in being active and not tired. If your diet consists of too many or too few calories you could feel exhausted or tired.


In some cases people feel tired because of the chemical reactions happening in their bodies. Such as puberty. Although mostly caused by external factors: such as taking medicine.

Lack of sleep / too much sleep

Our body needs certain amount of hours of sleep every night to restore itself and replenish resources for the next day and new challenges ahead. Not enough sleep can cause tiredness as your body wont have enough time to prepare itself for the new day. On the other hand sleeping too much can make you sleepy, tired and basically lazy.

Lack of exercise

Once again, whatever you do with your body takes a huge role at your state of mind and body. Exercise does not just mean physical work outs in the gym, exercise could also mean solving a puzzle or a problem with your brain. Physical exercise is an activity that stimulates your body’s muscles, activates faster blood and oxygen flow in your brain and body, which is well needed for staying active and motivated. However too much physical or mental activity can lead to exhaustion too.

Habits, especially bad ones

Habits are activities and actions that one does without having to think or try while/about doing them. Habits form who we are and how we perceive world around us. And there are both kind of habits: good and bad. To get the most of our lives we shall teach ourselves into doing good habits only and try to leave behind all the bad ones. Bad habits could include anything that stops you from moving forward as a person

Is everyone else tired too?

Most of the people do get tired at some point or another, and there are no super humans who could be productive everyday of their lives, so don’t feel bad about yourself if you feel tired quite often. Key takeaway of this would be that people who take care of themselves are more productive happier and well, not tired most of the time! So how can I become more active you might ask? Well carry on reading, here I will go through the same list that affects your tiredness levels and guide you on how to be more active.

How do people co-op with tiredness?

Getting into being tired is very easy and it could be quite difficult to get out of this habit. It will be hard and long process for you to become active in a long run. People who are aware and take better care of the things we listed above tend to be more motivated and can fight tiredness more easily. So if we would take a look into each of the those we can find that we are in control of them:

Bad diet could be replaced with good diet quite simply. All you have to do is be aware of what you eat, and lower the amount of unhealthy foods you consume daily. You probably have seen one of those food pyramids before, they do tell the truth! Try to consume more green foods rather than pre made fast foods. You might not feel the difference straight a way, but it will definitely help your organism to be healthy, therefore you’ll have more energy  and motivation to do things!

Another important thing for a productive mind is exercise. Mental and physical exercises are needed to be active and not tired. One thing to note: walking is not exercise, walking is movement! For a healthy ,productive life it is recommended to do at least one hour of active physical exercise a week. This include playing active team sports, as well as individual workouts or running. As for mental exercise we recommend you playing brain stimulating games such as chess or solving puzzles, e.g sudoku. These activities require brain work which is a good practice for active individual.

Eliminating bad habits

Habits have a massive impact on our daily life. Especially bad habits are really important because whenever you’re spending time on unhealthy activities you’re not just damaging your body but also you’re wasting your time instead of doing something productive. Bad habits doesn’t just mean drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating bad foods but it could also mean anything such as activity or a thing that you spend a lot of time on and it does not give you any positive results in a long run. So make sure you’re aware of your daily activities and rituals, and try to replace bad ones with better ones. 

So now you know most of the causes and what to do to fight tiredness and fatigue but you might be thinking now: How can I become more active? 

Well its not an easy task in the beginning. If your lifestyle has been like it is for a long time it might be really had to actually become active. But here are a few things that helped me and thousands of other people to do more and feel less tired:

First step is to become aware of your daily routines, diet and habits. You have to stop and think about the actions that you do every day to realise which of them are making you tired and or not helping you to become active. 

Start slow. Do not expect instant change. Life is all about taking things slow and working hard to achieve goals. Once you’ve identified your routines, habits and food that you’ve eat, start slowly replacing them with more useful things. 

To get it all going you will have to Push and Motivate yourself. There are no easy tasks and its going to be slow, but you have to find ways to push yourself to do something more with your life. One of the biggest motivators for me is that our time on earth is a finite resource and we shall use it! For some people motivation could be found in other things, such as competition or a need/wish for some sort of possession e.g better car. If you sit down with yourself for a few moments and think of why you’re tired and what habits you’re into, I believe you could easily find problems, which could be transferred into solutions and reasons to be motivated. If you need any help with coming up with motivation please drop us a message or leave a comment below and we will try our best to help you. 

You must take actions to become more active. There is no magical cure, living in planet earth is a fight and the biggest opponent of yours is – you yourself. So remember to fight tiredness you have to start slow, develop new habits and do more.

Good luck!