Try new things!

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When was the last time you tried something new? Yesterday? Last week? Last month?
Likely, the answer is “some time ago”.
I don’t know about you, but staying the same makes me want to kill myself. I cannot live without learning something new, or trying out new things daily. That being said I want to share some of my experiences and insights on why trying out new things is an important part of growing as a person.
You might get surprised with the benefits of trying out new things, but here is a little list I’ve made from my previous experiences, however, I know that a lot of people can deeply relate to it too:
Expands your comfort zone
Trying out new things is the only way to expand your comfort zone. Once expanded it never goes back. And most of the magic happens outside your comfort zone. By expanding it you might discover unknown talents of yours and learn so much about yourself.
Broadens your view on the world
When doing new things you have to learn and understand them first, this way you broaden up your views on certain things. The more new things you do the broader your perspective becomes. You see, gain knowledge and understand better how the world around you works.
Makes you more interesting person
New experiences give you more to talk about with other people. Social situations become easier because you can find more in common with other people, even if you tried the thing once you have something to talk about! Also while doing the new activity you might meet people who are very good at it, by doing the same activities as them you might build new relationships which would then lead you to even greater discoveries.
Makes you come over your personal fears
Trying new things almost always consists of you facing some sort of fear that you have. What if the new meal you ordered won’t taste nice? What if you’ll fall over while trying to snowboard? What if you slip while jogging? These fears might be real, but by facing them you gain confidence and learn how to deal with similar situations in the future! That’s a huge win!
Inspires people
Trying new things, and sharing them might inspire other to do more with their lives too. By experiencing new things you eliminate room for your having regrets in the future, which is one of the saddest things in life. By not having any regrets you truly inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. In my opinion that is our purpose here, we must inspire future generations to create, grow and live the best they can.
If all of those sounds great, but you don’t know where to start, here is a little list of simple things you can try out today:
  • Trying out new meal from different cuisine than the usual
  • Reading new material that you would usually never read
  • Try completely new sport you’ve never done
  • Try meditation
  • Listen to new kind of music
  • Watch documentary
  • Try to take up a new hobby / Learn new skill
The list is can get much bigger than the one I’ve made, but you get the idea. It is hard to measure the financial or social impact that trying out a meal at a new restaurant is going to give you, but it is indeed a small step in becoming a bigger person. Trying out new things is an important part of our lives. Remember you’ve only got one life to experience, so why not to try something new today?
Please share your story in the comment section below, when trying out new thing turned out to be an amazing experience?