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What is self-awareness?

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Today I want to talk about self-awareness and I’ve also decided to make today’s post a little bit different. It will be shorter and it will go straight to the point.

I want to talk about self-awareness so you could get familiar with this really important practice in life which can help you to advance as a human! So let’s begin:

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness could be simply defined as a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, mental state, motivates and desires. This means that you are constantly aware of all the things about yourself.

Why self-awareness?

Being self-aware allows you to better understand yourself, others and the world around. By saying a better understanding of yourself I mean that by being self-aware we are able to not just notice our thoughts, feelings motives or desires, but to make changes to them too! The first step in improvement is diagnosing the problems, so by becoming aware of yourself we can see our strengths, interests and weaknesses. And by understanding the latter we can work on those to improve upon and grow!

How to become self-aware?

To become self-aware you have to learn to look at yourself objectively. You can ask your trusted friends on what do they think about you as a person and ask to list your strengths or weaknesses. Do not take everything personally or get angry at them for pointing out things, but be grateful for what they have to say and try to analyse their criticism by reflecting it upon your personality.

Another way to become more self-aware is meditation. Using this practice you will learn how to become aware of your thoughts and how to control them. The thoughts are the driving forces that lead us to the life, and once you learn how to be aware of them, you will become aware of controlling them.

Another really important thing is keeping a journal and having your plans, goals and priorities written down. By having a list of the things you want to achieve you will automatically have to evaluate yourself, therefore you will become aware of yourself. To achieve goals you will need some sort of skills, knowledge or take action, and by being aware of yourself you will know what you might need to improve upon yourself in order to get the desired goals.

And one last tip from me would be that if you want to be constantly self-aware you have to check in on yourself regularly. By saying this I mean  that you should remind yourself to stop whatever you’re doing for a moment and think about these things: “How am I feeling right now? Why am I feeling this way? How can I change the feeling I have (if you’re feeling low)?” Also try to remind yourself of your goals as often as you can, so that you will keep motivated and aware of your progress towards the goal.

As with everything in life, self-awareness is a skill that can be developed through long practice. So the more often you practise methods listed above, the better self-awareness you’ll grow.

There is so much more to self-awareness than just this, but this was my short introduction to it. Since I’ve become self-aware I have exponentially grown as a person, so I’m sharing this with you today in hopes that it can help you too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short straight-to-the-point post. Although not all of the topics can be explained in such a manner I do try to make them as relevant as possible as I know how much everyone values their time. So please leave a comment below letting me know what do you think about self-awareness and this post!

Thanks for reading!

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