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Why do we behave in a specific way?

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Have you ever wondered why do we behave in a specific way and not another? Let’s say why do you open a door with a hand and not a foot? There are countless human behaviour studies which try to understand why do we behave in a way that we do. I do not have a degree in this field nor I am a psychologist but I do have an opinion which comes from my own experiences and research. Today I would love to share that opinion with you and dive deep into this interesting topic.

Human behaviour is a very hard and deep study which is still in a very early stage in understanding why people act in a specific way that they do. Although sociology and psychology are the main academic disciplines that research that, with the rise of capitalism and commercialism quite a few other people became very interested in learning more about this topic for one reason: to make a profit.

It might seem that we are free human being and we can act the way we want, that is not true. We behave in a specific way because someone has designed it that way. We put our shirt in a specific way because fashion designers have made it convenient that way. We use our technology in a specific way because, guess what, designers want you to behave in that way! We receive notifications and emails and are invited to share stuff with our friends. We do online shopping because it is so easy to spend money with one click of a button. As with everything, this has two sides of the coin. Designers create new products in order to build better experiences for users and make our lives easier, on the other hand, they design the products and services to make them more appealing and get us hooked onto using them in order to make bigger profits.

In the age that we live it is really important to be more aware of the choices that we take. As I’ve talked in my previous article about influences it is very easy to get acting in a specific way without even noticing that. People who design these products spend enormous capital and time figuring  new ways to make more money while getting into your mind. While this might sound very scary, it is not that bad. It all comes down to you.

The society we live in is full of this stuff, but we can still live here and enjoy our journey. All we have to do is be more aware of our choices, the habits that we have and our daily behaviours. The more you know the easier it is to make better decisions for yourself. For most of us, things that I talked about today might be very obvious but it is still good to be reminded why do we make certain choices over others. The more aware we become be easier we can control it and navigate our lives in a more positive and abundant way.